The fourth technological revolution has stimulated the advancement of science and technology at a breakneck speed, creating a more competitive and interdependent world. This rapid development and spread of knowledge facilitated by technical progress, provides greater potential for developing countries to strengthen their economic and social development to meet the challenges of new competitive global market of 21st century. Pakistan through an ambitious redevelopment initiative, equally recognizes innovation through research and development in the S&T by launching scientific and technological programs to cultivate the strength of its regional innovation ecosystem. It seeks equitable and sustainable socioeconomic progress using science, technology and innovation as central pillars of development in all sectors of economic activity.

Cognizant of these developments, Directorate Of Science and Technology (DoST) KP has established Creative Innovative Unit (CIU) in 2020 as a platform that pays adequate attention to creativity and innovation in the field of S&T. It strives to enable effective, efficient, and sustainable products by applying scientific, analytical, and innovative approaches with the support and intellectual stimulation

CIU envisions to build the capacities of public and private sector in the field of S&T to ensure technological advancements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). It directly links relevant actors and provides tools, technologies, and knowledge products to valuable human resource in order to gain tremendous strength as a magnet for talent for students and researchers in academia; as well as facilitation of S&T companies.

CIU also assists the provincial government to review and revamp its creative-innovative system in compliance with the innovative strategies adopted at the national level. It spurs real-world engagement by embracing collaboration directly with government, national or international donors, industry, academia, and other stakeholders by seeking solutions to the compelling problems where it can make an impact.


CIU’s mission is to promote an innovative ecosystem of creativity within the field of S&T and to assist DoST, KP in the optimization of its structure and functions. CIU aims to make KP’s ST innovation system stronger, fully  functional, and highlight achievements in accordance with the Digital Pakistan vision.


To become a thriving and dynamic provincial hub for scientific and technological R&D and innovation, by facilitating collaboration amongst research centre, universities, industry, communities and Government, creating products and services with positive economic and societal impact within the region and beyond.


  • Building a distinguished national scientific and technological base.
  • Enhancing scientific and technological organizations as well as research projects and commercializing their output.
  • Initiating effective support to national scientific and technological activities.
  • Networking between local institutions and their counterparts at regional and international levels.
  • Consolidating the cycle of innovation (converting scientific and technological concepts and the output/results of research and development into products and services).
  • Focusing on the applications of advanced technology in various fields.
  • Promoting and developing relations with scientific research institutions at the national, regional and international levels.