Mr. Humayun Khan

Secretary , Science Tech & Information Tech

Today, science, technology, and innovation drive the prosperity of nations. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has great strengths in this regard including many of the country’s brightest minds.

The growth and development of the Science and Technology, (S&T) sectors remain a key area of focus for this administration because these industries drive economic development by providing increased investments and meaningful jobs for our people.

It is my firm belief that if we are to leverage the benefits of these industries for sustained economic advancement, we must first create a truly knowledge-based society. Consequently, CIU whose primary focus is developing our local human capital through innovation in Science and Technology is considered as one of our key instruments in our thrust for sustained economic growth.

I, therefore commend CIU for establishing worthwhile partnerships with key stakeholders in Science, and Technology institutions to improve program offerings and ensure our people are fully equipped to manipulate existing technologies for KP’s social and economic advancement.

KP’s science and technology sectors have come a far way and you have played a pivotal role in their development. I wish for you every success as you mark this significant milestone of making worthwhile contributions to KP’s development.