Bilal Jabbar

Project Director

As the Director of the Creative Innovative Unit (CIU) DoST KP, it is my pleasure to address the visitors of CIU website. CIU is the premier platform that envisions to link relevant actors for providing tools, technologies, and knowledge products that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) needs to ensure technological advancements and innovations.

The world now faces a global transformation called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is time to bring about a “genuine Fourth Industrial Revolution in which promising technologies in the near future could lead to a more sustainable world.

The Creative Innovative Unit under the Department of Science & Technology, KP will play a pivotal role in promoting new areas of Science & Technology and as the nodal department for organizing, coordinating, and promoting S&T activities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). CIU also functions as the nodal agent to connect the science and technology sector to different Government verticals. CIU will also provide support in the research and development to strengthen provincial S&T capacity and capability through a competitive mode to personal affiliated with diverse fields and disciplines. This strategically important function mutually reinforces outcomes of our province’s educational, scientific, technological, and industrial R&D initiatives and helps transform the S&T landscape of the province.

The unit will also focus on efforts for accelerating innovation across the whole society through building an environment that promotes autonomous and audacious research, securing source technologies and growth engines, and converging science and technology with ICT.

It is my hope that through this website we are able to share the policy and direction of CIU and provide you with up to date information relevant to the technological advancements and innovations.