1. To stimulate/link the development of new initiatives directed at continuous improvement and innovation in
  2. Research and Development.
  3. Entrepreneurship, Tech Startups and ecosystem
  4. Industry Collaboration.
  5. Tech-Business Operations.
  6. Community and media interactions.
  7. Awareness and popularizations.
  8. Product development and commercialization.
  9. To bring out meeting/brainstorming sessions to develop a mechanism to promote creative ideas/innovation to commercialization for recognition at National / International Level.
  10. To promote use of new technologies and ideas to serve the hardest to reach and the most vulnerable communities.
  11. To support & assist various initiatives taken by KP Government for Creative economy, Startup eco-systems, etc.
  12. Creation of process that support the efficient and transparent creation, adaption or uptake of products.
  13. Increasing efficiencies in difficult economic environments with an improved ability to target the resources for promotion of Science & Technology
  14. New collaborations with donor and partner Governments and other national / international agencies, civil society, private sector, etc.